What Your Home’s Decor Says About Your Personality

Have you ever thought about why you decorated and furnished your home in a certain way? While you may not realize it, your home’s decor says a lot about you. Whether or not the vibe given off by your style accurately reflects your personality, people who visit your home will likely form an opinion about you just by glancing at your interior decor.

Here are a few ways your home’s decor influences people’s ideas of what you may be like.

Neutral Color Scheme

A neutral color palette is something you’ll often see in homes that are for sale and have been staged in an effort to sell faster and for more money. The reason why a neutral palette is recommended in this case is because it appeals to the masses.

But if your home features a neutral color base, it will communicate with others that you’re a non-confrontational individual who isn’t keen on any type of battle. You’re the peace-keeping type who prefers to avoid situations that ruffle feathers. Whether or not that’s true, it’s likely what people will think, which is a good thing – neutral color palettes have a tendency to be the most pleasing to guests and buyers.

Pastels Hues

Similar to how neutrals come across, pastel colors like pale yellow, baby blue, and soft pink are typically associated with those who are sweet, caring, and friendly. If your home is decked out in colors that are reminiscent of baby rooms or the Easter Bunny, people who visit your home will likely feel more welcomed. 

Bold Shades

If you’re the type to adorn your home with vibrant colors like bright red, emerald green, or canary yellow, color experts suggest you’re equally as bold as the shades you choose. Whether you use these types of colors in accent pieces or have no problem splashing them across your entire interior, odds are you’re the adventurous, energetic type with a big personality who has no fear of being the center of attention or life of the party.

Open Concept Layout

Open floor plans are very popular these days, mainly because of the open feeling they offer and the ability for homeowners to be together with family and friends, no matter what room they happen to be in. With minimal walls to cut people off from each other, an open floor plan provides a more welcoming feeling. You may be perceived as one who enjoys company if your home is laid out with an open concept.

Old-World Charm

Vintage pieces not only show off a person’s appreciation for decor from years past or a sense of nostalgia, they also add a certain level of elegance and culture. Homeowners who implement antique items into their spaces are often viewed as creative and well-informed people. They can also be perceived as no-nonsense individuals, and not necessarily the friendly, welcoming type.

Minimalist Decor

Clutter can make a space seem confusing and uncomfortable, but it can also set a bad impression on those who have to look at it. Yet while clutter may make a person seem nonchalant, the opposite can also be true: bare tabletops, shelves, and counters usually paint the picture of someone who is very organized, ambitious, and maybe even a little competitive.

If you’re the type to put things away immediately after using them or are not a fan of having too much out on display, your minimalist approach to interior decor could tell people that you have a Type A personality.

Bohemian Decor

The bohemian type is laid back, carefree, and has a distinguished sense of style that exudes culture. If your home is filled with candles of different colors, a myriad of area rugs, natural materials like burlap, and a collection of pieces that you’ve accumulated from different sources over the years, you can safely call your style bohemian. Interior decor like this tells people that you’re the unconventional and informal type who follows your own path in life.

Luxurious Accents

If you love everything lavish and posh, it will probably be put on display in your home’s decor. It could be a Persian rug, 800-thread count bed sheets, or mulberry silk drapes that add just enough opulence to your home. Whether or not your finances reflect your taste for everything luxury, your affluent sense of style advertises your refined and sophisticated personality.

The Bottom Line

Your home’s decor says a lot about you. The pieces you choose reflect your personality, and that speaks volumes to those who visit your home. Whether you care about how you’re perceived by your interior decor or not, it’s helpful to know how people may formulate an opinion about your personality just by what they see in your home.